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Comprehensive OBGYN PA

Sariye Savci, MD, FACOG

OBGYN located in Hackensack, NJ

Pregnancy is a life-changing experience that requires ongoing medical care and monitoring so you and your baby stay healthy throughout your journey together. Sariye Savci, MD, FACOG, at Comprehensive OBGYN PA, in Hackensack, New Jersey, is a board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician who provides comprehensive pregnancy care and delivery. In addition to managing your normal or high-risk pregnancy, she also provides pre-pregnancy planning and treatment for infertility. Call or book a consultation online today.

Pregnancy Q & A

When should I start pregnancy care?

You should start pregnancy care as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Dr. Savci takes a patient-centered approach to care and caters the treatment to best meet your needs. In most cases, pregnancy care starts eight weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period.

However, Dr. Savci also provides pre-pregnancy planning services. If you have plans to get pregnant in the near future, she recommends you schedule a visit at Comprehensive OBGYN PA. 

During a pre-pregnancy appointment, she asks about your pregnancy plans, diet and exercise habits, and lifestyle. Dr. Savci performs a physical and pelvic exam and runs lab work to assess your overall health, well-being, and fertility.

She then offers recommendations on the lifestyle changes you can make now to improve your chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy, including eating a healthy diet, smoking cessation, and adding exercise to your routine. Dr. Savci also prescribes a prenatal vitamin.

What can I expect during pregnancy care?

The specifics of your pregnancy care at Comprehensive OBGYN PA depend on your needs. Dr. Savci treats each pregnancy individually, providing attentive, patient-focused care that best meets you and your baby’s needs.

During your first prenatal visit, Dr. Savci conducts an in-depth exam to confirm pregnancy, assess the health of you and your baby, and estimate your due date. She also talks to you about your pregnancy and what to expect throughout your journey together.

Dr. Savci schedules regular office visits throughout your pregnancy to monitor health and screen for common pregnancy-related health issues. Comprehensive OBGYN PA provides 3D/4D ultrasounds and non-stress testing, too.

The frequency of your prenatal visits depends on your weeks of gestation and your pregnancy needs. The closer you get to your delivery date, the more frequent your visits. 

What are my pregnancy delivery options?

Dr. Savci has been bringing babies into the world since 2003. She talks to you about your birth plan and delivery options at your first prenatal appointment. No matter what, she does her best to cater to your birth plan.

She births and delivers babies vaginally and performs caesarean sections (C-section) when appropriate. Dr. Savci also performs vaginal delivery after C-section (VBAC). 

When should infertility concern me?

Dr. Savci recommends you schedule an infertility consultation if you can’t get pregnant after a year of trying, or six months for women 35 years and older. 

Dr. Savci performs comprehensive evaluations to find the underlying cause of your infertility and develops a plan to improve your chances of conception. For example, if you have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, she can treat the condition to improve your chance of conceiving. 

Comprehensive OBGYN PA offers a wide variety of obstetrical services. For patient-centered pregnancy care, call or click the website booking tool to schedule your appointment today.